Fridge Repair Services

Refrigerator repairs in Ipswich, East Anglia

Are you looking for professional refrigerator repairs in Ipswich, East Anglia? Look no further than Anglia Domestic Refrigeration.

Fridge servicing experts

At Anglia Domestic Refrigeration, we offer excellent fridge-freezer repairs and servicing. Save yourself the trouble of an extravagant repair or replacement with our excellent fridge servicing work. 

If you need out-of-warranty repairs for your fridge, feel free to call us. We will identify the problems and recommend the best course of action for repairing your refrigerator.

Domestic and commercial services

Whether you need fridge repairs or servicing for your home or for your business, you can call us. 

Our services


Out of Warranty Repairs

Either over the phone or through an engineer visit, we'll identify the issue and quote you a fixed fee for the call out over the phone. 

Additional charges may be incurred only for spare parts, though the fee won't change, regardless of the time taken.

Fridge Freezer Servicing

Regular servicing of your fridge freezer can help to prevent faults or breakdowns. Forethought now can prevent major repairs and bigger costs in the future. 

We can service a range of makes and models, just speak to a member of our team today to find out more.  

Water Filter Installation

As an additional service, we can also supply and fit water filters to your fridge freezer, suited to a wide range of styles.

Though we'll charge for the supply of the filter itself, we won't charge you for the installation of the filter, we'll simply send an engineer as and when it needs replacing.

Sales & Parts

Though we don't ourselves offer the retail of fridge freezers, we can when asked suggest suppliers we know to be reliable and what makes/models may best suit your needs. 

We can however source quality replacement parts, so call or use the contact page to enquire. 

In Warranty Repairs

We're experienced in providing reliable repairs/installations on behalf of a whole host of well-known manufacturers, meaning we can handle the repair of a range of different makes and models.

They choose us because with our experience and knowledge comes a trusted and reliable service. 

Extended Warranty Repairs

We can also carry out repairs for fridge freezers under their extended warranty. Given the possibility of machine breakdown, and the costly repairs that come with them, warranties are an ideal solution. 

If you want ADR to undertake any insurance repair work, then give us a call.

Letting Agencies/Landlords

This is a service that we provide for many letting agencies and landlords around East Anglia. When a fridge freezer breaks down in a rented property, it can be frustrating both for the landlord but more so for the tenant.

By delivering our swift and reliable repair services, we can help resolve the situation to ensure all parties are happy with a fully working fridge freezer.

Crime Prevention Services

As with most industries nowadays, there is a code of practise, and quite often breaking this code of practise can be unethical, dangerous and illegal.

We work with the Police and the Environment Agency when required to identify illegal practises, helping to promote the businesses of the engineers around the UK that work to a high standard

Insurance Assessors

 Part of the work we do is simply on site assessments, usually on request of an insurance company. This is usually to verify the damage to an item, but in some cases we are asked to determine the cause of the damage and provide an unbiased opinion. 

If you would like us to assess any insurance claims, refrigeration or otherwise, we will be happy to discuss these requirements with you.
For fridge servicing experts, call us now on 
07949 545 822

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